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Highlights: Fantastic eroded rock formations - pinnacles, hoodoos, narrow ravines and short caves, formed by weathering of soft mudstone at the edges of a wide valley
Nearest city with hotels: Ely, 119 miles, though motels can be found in Caliente, Panaca and Pioche
Management: Nevada Division of State Parks
Location: 37.823, -114.413
Seasons: All year, though winters are cold, with snow, and summers can be very hot

Panaca warm springs

37 48.428'/114 22.895'


Lunar Crater

地址: Lunar Crater, 内华达 89049美利坚合众国

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national natural landmark


Highlights:Volcanic formations in a very remote part of central Nevada, including cinder cones, lava flows, elongated fissures, ash hills, and the 430 foot deep Lunar Crater
Nearest city with hotels:Tonopah, 84 miles
Location:38.384, -116.068 (the crater)
Seasons:Spring, summer fall


Great Basin National Park

地址: Baker

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39.0058° N, 114.2197° W

Sunken Gardens inside Lehman Caves


Wayne E Kirch Wildlife Management Area

地址: Lund, NV 89317, United States

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hot spring

38 22.373'/115 8.174'


Crystal Springs

地址: Crystal Springs, NV, USA

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hot spring

37 31.909'/115 13.983'


Ash Springs

地址: Ash Springs, NV, USA

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hot springs

37 27.634'/115 11.584'


Dianas Punch Bowl

地址: Dianas Punch Bowl, Nevada, USA

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hot springs

39 1.813'/116 39.984'


Monitor Valley

地址: Monitor Valley, Nevada 89310, USA

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hot springs

39 4.784'/116 38.402'


Spencer Hot Springs

地址: Spencer Hot Springs, Nevada, USA

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39 19.638'/116 51.476'


Lee Hot Springs

地址: Lee Hot Springs, Nevada, USA

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39 12.498'/118 43.518'


Hyder Hot Springs

地址: Hyder Hot Springs, Nevada, USA

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40 0.134'/117 43.124'

jersey valley hot springs

40 10.698'/117 29.792'


Kyle Hot Spring

地址: Kyle Hot Spring, Imlay, NV 89418, USA

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40 24.426'/117 53.101'


Leach Hot Springs

地址: Leach Hot Springs, Nevada, USA

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40 36.212'/117 39.117'


Reese River Valley

地址: Reese River Valley, Nevada, USA

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hot springs

40 10.921'/117 6.109'


Crescent Valley Hot Springs

地址: Crescent Valley Hot Springs, Nevada, USA

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40 18.996'/116 26.107'



地址: Carlin, NV 89822, USA

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greenhorn hot springs

40 45.974'/116 2.615'



地址: Winnemucca, NV 89445, USA

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midas hot springs

41 16.684'/116 37.557'

paradise valley hot springs

41 25.361'/117 23.279'


Dyke Hot Springs

地址: Dyke Hot Springs, Nevada, USA

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41 34.509'/118 33.917'


Virgin Valley Campground

地址: Winnemucca, NV 89445, United States

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hot springs

free camping 

41 51.088'/119 0.103'


Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

地址: Nevada, United States

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bog warm spring

41 55.246'/118 48.147'

the bog

41 55.417'/118 48.005'


Trego Hot Springs

地址: Jungo Road, Nevada, United States

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40 46.298'/119 6.975'

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burning man

flying geyser

jackson mountain hot springs

41 3.072'/118 43.027'

black rock hot springs

40 58.293'/119 0.714'

double hot springs

41 3.092'/119 1.928'

soldier meadows hot springs

41 21.807'/119 12.972'

soldier meadows warm pond

41 22.793'/119 10.884'

soldier meadows hot creek

41 21.599'/119 13.453'


Great Basin National Park

地址: Baker

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Thunder Mountain Park


Frontage Rd, Imlay, NV


I-80 exit 145, turn east, then turn left onto Star Peak Rd. Drive straight as the road turns to gravel and Thunder Mountain is ahead on the left.

RA Rates:

Worth a Detour



地址: Winnemucca, NV 89445, USA

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Ruby Mountains Wilderness

地址: Ruby Valley, NV 89833, United States

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Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest\

n38 32.745'/w119 48.673'

trail of gargolyes


n38 14.958'/w119 56.603'


Little Egypt

地址: Little Egypt, Utah, USA

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Lake City

地址: Lake City, CO 81235, USA

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moab arches corana

white tower

up kanab creek

McCord Creek [Elowah Falls, Upper McCord Creek Falls] +++            




Anfahrt m?glich mit:       Anfahrt

Schwierigkeitsgrad: Schwierigkeitsgrad

Zeitaufwand: 2 - 2,5   Stunden

L?nge des Hikes: 2,64 Meilen = 4,25 km

GPS-Koordinaten   (WGS84/NAD83)

- Parkplatz und Trailhead:

- Elowah Falls:

- Upper McCord Creek Falls:

45°36'45''N - 122°00'17''W

45°36'44''N - 121°59'41''W

45°36'40''N - 121°59'38''W

Routen und   Wegpunkte (.gpx): Download der gpx Datei

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Goblin Valley State Park

地址: Green River, UT, United States

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     38.564, -110.703

Park Facilities

It may not take long to see Goblin Valley - an hour is enough to walk to the northernmost section - but the park is certainly well worth a detour. The rocks are especially striking at dusk and for anyone wishing to stay the night, camping is available at an official site ($16 per night in 2013, maybe a little overpriced) which is situated on a hillside a few hundred yards away from the main valley and out of sight of the formations, though it does have a few welcoming goblins of its own. The campground offers 25 sites, hot showers and drinking water, while other park facilities are a small visitor center and a picnic area. The nearest places for free camping are along the unpaved Wild Horse Road, forking west just north of the state park boundary, or around the junction of the entrance road with Temple Mountain Road. The day use fee for Goblin Valley State Park is good value at $7.

mollys castle

1.5m east on a spur road leaving from park entrance

mushroom rocks

5mile south of the turn off ut24

San Rafael Swell

The land immediately west of Goblin Valley State Park is part of the San Rafael Swell, and like much of south Utah it is remote but beautiful, and traversed only by a few dirt tracks, although 4WD vehicles are generally not required. There are various slot canyons in this area and some such as Little Wild Horse Canyon are both quite well known and may be explored relatively easily.


Notom-Bullfrog Rd

地址: Notom-Bullfrog Rd, Torrey, UT 84775, USA

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the waterpocket fold

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the caneville badlands


Crack Canyon

地址: Crack Canyon, Utah, USA

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Drive along this dirt road until N 38.38.580, W 110.44.711, at which point the road takes a sharp bend to the right. Here, you will find a small pulloff and a rough parking area for Crack Canyon. Most cars will want to park here, but you follow the rough track in a hardy 4-wheel drive vehicle about .7 miles until the actual trailhead, but do this at your own risk. There are a lot of loose rock, and on one trip, a large rock flipped up and put a large dent in the truck we were with. You can park your vehicle in the vicinity of N 38.38.061, W 110.44.491.

The journey through Crack Canyon is another one of this area's local treasures in the San Rafael Swell near Goblin Valley that won't leave you disappointed or fighting the crowds like with other more popular hikes in the area, including Little Wild Horse Canyon a few miles to the southwest. The canyon entrance with touring sandstone walls leading south is very wide with a small stream down the middle. The canyon slowly narrows, but the thousands of years of weathering on the sandstone walls and floor of the canyon have produced some amazing features, including some nice pot holes along the way. You feel like you are following a serpentine path, continually narrowing as you go. Kids will love to explore every nook and cranny along the way.

After walking for around .5 miles, you come to the area referred to often as the Subway at N 38.37.774, W 110.44.352, as seen here. The section is rather short, but it is representative of the erosive power of water over the ages.

Crack Canyon Subway

"The famous subway!" -- Making our way through the short, intriguing tunnel

After another .35 miles or so, you arrive at a hands-on obstacle at N 38.37.531, W 110.44.290 where, if you decide to proceed, will require you to use a rope to climb down about 10 feet into a narrow section of the canyon. Judge your group well. In our case, we were with family, including children and dogs, and only two of us proceed a short distance in the canyon after the down climb. If you have a dog, you probably won't be able to get your dog out again unless you decide to hike miles and miles out another way . . . either to neighboring Chute Canyon or even south towards Goblin Valley. Otherwise, this would make a nice turn-around point to head back to your vehicle.

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Crystal Geyser

地址: Crystal Geyser, Utah, USA

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 of N 38.93858 and W -110.13541. 

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Little Wild Horse Canyon und Bell Canyon

Anfahrt möglich mit:     Anfahrt
Schwierigkeitsgrad:     Schwierigkeitsgrad
Zeitaufwand:     6 - 8 Stunden
Länge des Hikes:     7,5 Meilen = 12,07 km
GPS-Koordinaten (WGS84/NAD83)
 - Kreuzung zum Goblin Valley:
 - Kreuzung zum Wild Horse Canyon:
 - Parkplatz und Trailhead:
 - Zusammentreffen Wild Horse/Bell:
 - umgedrehte Löcher:     
38°39'12''N - 110°39'16''W
38°34'59''N - 110°42'40''W
38°34'57''N - 110°48'06''W
38°35'20''N - 110°48'23''W
38°35'31''N - 110°48'24''W
Routen und Wegpunkte (.gpx):     Download der gpx Datei
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Green River

地址: Green River, UT, USA

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Five Hole Arch aka. The Colonnade und Access Arch und Crocodile Rock

Anfahrt möglich mit:     High Clearance empfohlen
Schwierigkeitsgrad:     Schwierigkeitsgrad
Zeitaufwand:     2,5 - 3,5 Stunden
Länge des Hikes:     2,7 Meilen = 4,34 km
GPS-Koordinaten (WGS84/NAD83)
 - Zufahrt Long Street:
 - Zufahrt Airport Road:
 - Abzweigung CR 1026:
 - Parkplatz und Trailhead:
 - Crocodile Rock:
 - Access Arch
 - Five Hole Arch:     
38°59'44''N - 110°09'44''W
38°59'23''N - 110°09'40''W
38°33'37''N - 110°09'17''W
38°34'34''N - 110°05'24''W
38°34'50''N - 110°04'56''W
38°35'09''N - 110°04'37''W
38°35'10''N - 110°04'36''W
Routen und Wegpunkte (.gpx):     Download der gpx Datei
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Fifth Water Hot Springs

地址: UT, United States

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40.0849, -111.3546

Three Forks Trailhead
To get to the trailhead, drive Hwy 6 east from Spanish Fork for about 11 miles to the signed Diamond Fork turnoff. Follow the Diamond Fork road about 10 miles to the signed trailhead. From the trailhead, cross the small Diamond Fork River and then follow the obvious trail east into the canyon. The trail is wide and well-maintained. It follows along the north side of Sixth Water Creek.

Bridge and Fork
The stream and trail fork about a mile above the trailhead. Cross Sixth Water on the bridge and then take the trail on the right, which follows the much smaller Fifth Water Creek. Again, you'll be on the north side of the creek and will be hiking east.

Main Waterfall
The main pools are right below the first waterfall, which you can't miss as you hike the trail. You'll start to smell sulfur as you approach the area. The hot water does contain sulfur, but otherwise is clear and pleasant.

Second Waterfall
A second, higher waterfall is located just a short way above the first. This one is the most photogenic. There are two very nice soaking pools along the stream between the first and second waterfall.

Rays Valley Trailhead
You can also reach the waterfalls and hot pools by hiking down Fifth Water Creek from the Rays Valley Trailhead. To reach this trailhead from Spanish Fork, drive east on Hwy 6 for about 22.5 miles. At that point take a paved road that heads north. It is signed for Sheep Creek/Strawberry Reservoir. Follow that road for about 14 miles to the obvious trailhead. (The trailhead is usually signed but vandals sometimes tear down the sign). From the trailhead, follow the obvious trail southwest into the deepening canyon. Fifth Water Creek crosses Rays Valley Road next to the trailhead, but it may not have flowing water during some seasons. As you hike, the stream will soon pick up water. The trail just follows the stream down to the waterfalls and hot pools. The main pools are about 2.5 miles from this trailhead. The trail is easy and well-maintained.

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40.4406° N, 111.7094° W



Cascade Springs

地址: Uinta National Forest, Cascade Scenic Dr, UT 84604美国

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Uinta National Forest, Cascade Scenic Dr, UT 84604



地址: 美国犹他州

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 Trailhead: Getting to Big Cottonwood Canyon:Take I-215 South (freeway will become I-215 East) until you reach the 6200 South exit. Turn right onto Wasatch Boulevard, then turn left at Big Cottonwood Canyon. The intersection is clearly signed. You will see a 7-11 store to your right.From the north or south ends of the valley, take I-15 to I-215 East and follow the directions above.Getting to the Trailhead:Travel up the canyon road 9.0 miles. Here, the turn-off to the right will take you to the trailhead one mile further, past the Jordan Pines picnic area and some private property. The trailhead is at the south end of the parking area. (Lat:40.63957 Lon:-111.6512)


Kimball Art Center

地址: 638 Park Ave, Park City, UT, United States

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638 Park Ave, Park City, UT 84060

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301 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108


East 500 South749

地址: 749 East 500 South, 盐湖城犹他州 84102美国

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Gilgal Sculpture Garden

The Gilgal Sculpture Garden is a small public city park, located at 749 East 500 South in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Wikipedia

american folk art


W North Temple, 60

地址: 60 W North Temple, 盐湖城犹他州 84150美国

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church night view


E 400 S, 210

地址: 210 E 400 S, 盐湖城犹他州 84111美国

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salt lake city library

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hidden falls trail

Donut Falls Trail

(Lat:40.63957 Lon:-111.6512)


Little Cottonwood Canyon

地址: Little Cottonwood Canyon, 犹他州 84092美利坚合众国

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Lisa Falls Trail

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Bingham Caynon Mine


Bonneville Seabase

地址: 1600 Utah 138, Grantsville, UT, United States

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1600 Utah 138, Grantsville, UT 84029

(435) 884-3874



Metaphor: The Tree of Utah

地址: East of Wendover, Utah, United States

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The Tree of Utah is an artwork constructed between1982-1986 by the Swedish artist Karl Momen. The Iranian-born Momen, who paintedportraits of Stalin and the Shah of Iran early in his career, later studiedwith the surrealist painter Max Ernst, and studied architecture at the KunstAcademy in Stuttgart, Germany. It has been said that he was moved to create the87 foot tall tree by the "vastness and relative emptiness" of theBonneville Salt Flats, and that the tree "brings space, nature, myth andtechnology together". The tree's six spheres are all coated with naturalrock and minerals found within the state of Utah, and the pods below symbolizethe changing of the seasons, when trees naturally transform themselves. Thecosts of building the tree, reportedly over a million dollars, were provided entirelyby Mr. Momen. The tree now belongs to the State of Utah.


Located on the north side ofInterstate 80, between the Knolls and Wendover exits. No parking, just pullover.


40.733593, -113.551338

General Location:

27 miles E of Wendover



地址: 美国犹他州

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the center for land use interpretation

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Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson

地址: Unnamed Rd, Corinne, UT, United States

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quary exhibit and outdoor

island park road/mckee spring

harpers corner

echo park

picasso face

steamboat rock 40 31'0" 108 59'20"

the gates of lodore

Canyon Pintado National Historic District


Fantasy Canyon

地址: Fantasy Canyon, Utah 84078, USA

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Highlights:Strangely eroded, greyish brown sandstone layers either side of a shallow ravine; in the Uinta Basin of the northeast, surrounded by extensive oil and gas operations. Toured by a short trail
Nearest town with hotels:Vernal, 41 miles
Location:40.058, -109.394 (trailhead)
Seasons:All year



地址: 美国内华达

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twelve-mile hot springs

41 14.570'/114 56.876'

lower oxley peak hot springs


Mee Canyon

地址: Mee Canyon, Colorado 81521, USA

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mee canyon

Porthole-, Two Feathers-, Crown-, Tubloc Arch]



Anfahrt möglich mit:      4WD empfohlen
Zeitaufwand:6  - 7 Stunden
Länge des Hikes:10,9 Meilen = 17,54 km
GPS-Koordinaten   (WGS84/NAD83)
- Abzweig Rim- und Black Ridge:
- Parkplatz und Trailhead:
- Einstieg:
- Abstieg:
- Two Feathers Arch/Porthole Arch:
- Crown Arch:
- Tubloc Arch:
39°03'19''N - 108°44'30''W
39°06'56''N - 108°50'18''W
39°08'00''N - 108°53'33''W
39°08'01''N - 108°53'33''W
39°08'11''N - 108°53'37''W
39°07'55''N - 108°53'52''W
39°07'51''N - 108°53'45''W
Routen und   Wegpunkte (.gpx):Download der gpx Datei
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Mee Canyon Alcove  Protractor Arch



Anfahrt möglich mit:      4WD empfohlen
Zeitaufwand:3  - 3,5 Stunden bis zum Absatz und zurück
Länge des Hikes:5,42 Meilen = 8,72 km bis zum Absatz und zurück
GPS-Koordinaten   (WGS84/NAD83)
- Abzweig Rim- und Black Ridge:
- Parkplatz und Trailhead:
- Mee Canyon Trail Arch:
- Absatz:
39°03'19''N - 108°44'30''W
39°05'48''N - 108°50'35''W
39°05'58''N - 108°53'05''W
39°05'52''N - 108°52'20''W
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Rattlesnake Canyon Arches 


1) Rattlesnake Arches Trailhead.  (+39° 8' 13.74", -108° 50' 0.24")

you must drive one of the rough, high-clearance required Black Ridge Access Roads (Lower Black Ridge (11 miles) from 8/15 to 2/15, Upper (13 miles) from 4/15 to 8/15, both routes closed from 2/15 to 4/15)—approach is through Colorado National Monument and the Glade Park turnoff leading west to the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area.

最后1.5 mile需要四驱车。trail大约3 mile来回。

2) Pollock Bench trail head (39.1553°N 108.7777°W) 来回11mile(包含了看拱门的3mile), 上下较多。建议用一整天。

3)水路   3.3 miles down river from the Loma boat launch on river left is the mouth of Rattlesnake Canyon. This is a steep, strenuous < game trail. Travel up the canyon approximately 1.5 miles in the east drainage, steep ascent up the canyon to connect to the Arches Loop Trail.


Rattlesnake Canyon

地址: Rattlesnake Canyon, 科罗拉多 81521美国

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lower arches trail parade of arches






Anfahrt möglich mit:      4WD empfohlen
Zeitaufwand:3 - 5 Stunden
Länge des Hikes:3,5 Meilen = 5,63 km,   wenn man durch den Cedar Tree Arch aka. Rainbow Arch   zurück geht, ansonsten fast das Doppelte
GPS-Koordinaten (WGS84/NAD83)
       - Abzweigung vom Rim Rock Drive:
       - Abzweigung zur Black Ridge Road:
       - Trennung von Upper und Lower
       - Zusammentreffen von Upper und
          Lower Road:
         - Parkplatz und Trailhead:

39°03'19''N - 108°44'30''W
39°03'17''N - 108°44'41''W

39°03'39''N - 108°45'40''W

39°06'26''N - 108°50'21''W
39°08'14''N - 108°50'00''W
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Dominguez Canyon

地址: Dominguez Canyon, Colorado 81527, USA

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38 50.95'  108 22.30'



Rifle Falls State Park

地址: 5775 Colorado 325, Rifle

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39.6739° N, 107.7000° W




地址: Colorado,

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secret tarn 9.3m

Parking Lot Latitude

Parking Lot Longitude

horseshoe ark and falls

old fall river

alberta falls

wild basin

Ouzel Falls

Trail Features:
Waterfalls, Wildflowerscopeland-falls

Trail Location:
Wild Basin Trailhead

Roundtrip Length:
5.4 Miles

Trailhead Elevation:
8500 Feet

Total Elevation Gain:
870 Feet

Avg. Elev Gain / Mile:
322 Feet

Highest Elevation:
9370 Feet

Trail Difficulty Rating:
7.14 (moderate)

Parking Lot Latitude

Parking Lot Longitude

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Distance4.4 Miles Round Trip
Elevation Gain430 Feet
Low Point5,090 Feet
High Point5,520 Feet

wildflower in spring


Roxborough State Park

地址: 4751 East Roxborough Drive, Littleton, CO 80125美国

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4751 East Roxborough Drive, Littleton, CO 80125


fountain valley


39 25.77'  105 04.13'


Picture Canyon, CO. Commanche Nat'l...

地址: Campo, CO 81029, United States

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homestead trail



37 00.73'  w102 44.66'


Paint Mines Interpretive Park

地址: Paint Mine Rd, Calhan, CO 80808, United States

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39 01.23' 104 16.40'

painted hills


Wheeler Monument

地址: Wheeler Monument, Rio Grande National Forest, 科罗拉多 81130美国

Weminuche Wilderness Area

地址: Williams Creek, Indiana, United States

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pagosa springs

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Name: Chimney Rock National Monument
    Latitude: N 37° 11' 40"
    Longitude: W 107° 18' 4"



地址: 美国科罗拉多州杜兰戈

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Anfahrt möglich mit:      High Clearance empfohlen
Zeitaufwand:1  Stunde
Länge des Hikes:0,55 Meilen = 0,9 km
GPS-Koordinaten   (WGS84/NAD83)
- Abzweigung Road 2390:
- Parken:
- Octopus Arch:

36°55'48''N - 107°53'52''W
36°56'17''N -   107°51'28''W
36°56'14''N -   107°51'38''W
Routen und   Wegpunkte (.gpx):Download der gpx Datei
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Anfahrt möglich mit:      Anfahrt
Zeitaufwand:1  - 1,5 Stunden für Caballo Canyon Arch
         1 - 1,5 Stunden für Triple Caballo Canyon Arch
Länge des Hikes:0,62 Meilen = 1,00 km Caballo Canyon Arch
         1,02 Meilen = 1,64 km Triple Caballo Canyon Arch
                   GPS-Koordinaten (WGS84/NAD83)
       - Trailhead Keyhole Arch:
       - Keyhole Arch:        
       - Trailhead Blanco Canyon Arch:        
          - Viewpoint Banco Canyon Arch:

           36°37'53''N - 107°45'00''W
           36°37'57''N - 107°54'58''W
       36°37'38''N - 107°46'04''W
       36°37'41''N - 107°46'06''W
Routen und   Wegpunkte (.gpx):Download der gpx Datei

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Location:     36.147, -107.918 (trailhead)Seasons:     All year, unless after heavy rain, as the access roads may be impassable


Anfahrt möglich mit:      Anfahrt
Zeitaufwand:2 - 6 Stunden
Länge des Hikes:2,61 Meilen = 4,68 km
GPS-Koordinaten   (WGS84/NAD83)
- Parkplatz und Trailhead:

36°08'52''N - 107°55'08''W
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King of Wings [Ah-shi-sle-pah Wash]



Anfahrt möglich mit:      Anfahrt
Zeitaufwand:2,5 - 3  Stunden
Länge des Hikes:3,78 Meilen = 6,08 km
GPS-Koordinaten   (WGS84/NAD83)
                   - Einfahrt CR7650 von der NM                    371:
                   - erste Parkmöglichkeit:
                   - Parken und Trailhead:                    
- King of Wings:

36°09'55''N - 108°09'05''W
36°12'20''N - 107°59'15''W
36°11'32''N - 107°59'13''W
36°10'16''N - 107°58'22''W
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Anfahrt möglich mit:      Anfahrt
Zeitaufwand:2,5  - 4 Stunden
Länge des Hikes:4,4 Meilen = 7,08 km
GPS-Koordinaten   (WGS84/NAD83)
- Abzweigung 550:
- Parkplatz und Trailhead:
36°24'12''N - 107°51'10''W
36°18'44''N - 108°00'10''W
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Bisti Badlands

地址: Bisti Badlands, 新墨西哥 87499美利坚合众国

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spider stone:

36° 18' 16.03" N             108° 7' 7.25" W

north section

36 16'45"  108 14'15"

cracked eggs eggs factory

36  16'02"  108 13'26"



Anfahrt möglich mit:      Anfahrt
Zeitaufwand:ganzer Tag
Länge des Hikes:7,58 Meilen = 12,2 km Südroute
3,26 Meilen = 5,2 km Nordroute
GPS-Koordinaten   (WGS84/NAD83)
- Parkplatz und Trailhead Süd:
- Parkplatz und Trailhead Nord:

36°15'33''N - 108°15'05''W
36°16'44''N - 108°15'08''W
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Lage | Location


Hope Arch

地址: Apache County, AZ 86503, United States

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hope arch
Anfahrt möglich mit:     High Clearance empfohlen
Schwierigkeitsgrad:     Schwierigkeitsgrad
Zeitaufwand:     1 Stunde
Länge des Hikes:     0,56 Meilen = 0,9 km
GPS-Koordinaten (WGS84/NAD83)
- Krankenhaus an der 191er:
- Parken:
- Hope Arch:     
36°08'56''N - 109°35'47''W
36°11'54''N - 109°41'13''W
36°12'08''N - 109°41'20''W
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地址: 佩吉市亚利桑那州美国查看周边特价酒店

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water holes canyon

tribe land require reservation

Water Holes Canyon

Branched drainage that forms several beautiful sections of slot canyon, separated by wide, sandy washes; short, pretty very narrow slots in the upper forks and a deeper, more extended gorge lower down. Only one section (immediately east of US 89) is currently open to unaccompanied hikers; all other areas are closed, though some parts may be visited on guided tours

Length: Lower canyon, west of US 89: 1 mile (to the first rappel point). Upper canyon, east of US 89: 1.3 miles. West Fork: 6 miles. Middle Fork: 4.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy - there are few obstacles in the upper forks. The lower canyon eventually requires rappelling and difficult downclimbing

Management: Navajo Nation

Rocks: Navajo sandstone

Season: All year

Trailhead: Parking area on the east side of US 89; 36.837,-111.508

Rating (1-5): ★★★★★

Navajo National Monument

Navajo National Monument

地址: Shonto, AZ, United States

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The Valley Drive 171

Tear Drop Arch 174

Mystery Valley 175

Hunt's Mesa 176


Agathla Peak 178

Church Rock 178

Navajo National Monument - Betatakin 179

Navajo National Monument - Keet Seel

Homolovi State Park

Homolovi State Park

地址: Arizona 87, Winslow, AZ 86047, United States

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little painted desert county park

Great Basin National Park

Great Basin National Park

地址: Baker

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